Achieve Optimal Business Performance

Analytics that drive better financial outcomes for growing teams.


Gradmor is an analytics consultancy that helps C-Suite executives maximize revenue and profitability as they scale their teams. We help organizations achieve better financial outcomes by analyzing data from hiring to performance using our own proprietary method.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in data science, financial analysis, research and business strategy help C-Suite executives assess financial impact, make more informed decisions and predict future outcomes with accuracy.

Our Value

We help businesses uncover hidden costs, improve efficiencies, and increase ROI to optimize business performance and increase profitability for growing departments. 

Our method

The CFA Method is a complete analytics solution that provides business leaders in-depth analysis of team growth metrics from hiring to performance.

Analytics Management

Financial Analysis

Comprehensive Research

Insights & Reporting

Strategy Consulting

Solutions Modeling

Data Analysis

An Introduction To The CFA Method

Learn more about our principles, use cases and benefits of The CFA Method for growing teams.

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