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Analytics that drives better financial outcomes for growing teams.


Gradmor is a financial analytics consultancy that helps growing companies get the most out of their people. We do this through our groundbreaking analytics method that provides C-Suite execs insight into how they can maximize revenue and profitability as they grow their teams.

Increase Revenue

Our analysis provides you insight on how to optimize your business for long-term revenue growth. We analyze all your team growth metrics and apply analytical models that lead to new revenue opportunities.

Maximize Profitability

We reduce financial risk and uncover hidden costs as you scale your business. By combining research, data analysis and business strategy — we provide you data-backed solutions to make your business more profitable. 

Our method

The CFA Method is an analytics framework that provides business leaders financial analysis and insight of the investments they make in their people.

Analytics Management

Financial Analysis

Comprehensive Research

Insights & Reporting

Strategy Consulting

Solutions Modeling

Data Analysis

An Introduction To The CFA Method

Learn more about our principles, use cases and benefits of The CFA Method for growing teams.

Start Optimizing Your Business

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