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What We Do

Gradmor represents a powerful roster of diverse startup and agency professionals across a range of industries. We bring together the brightest and most innovative minds to create opportunities for their success.

Your Potential

We believe careers should be more purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilling. A job is more than just a paycheck, it’s your chance to leverage your exceptional talents and abilities to do mission-driven work that can impact the world.

Growth: Do you want to learn more, improve, and advance your career in a challenging yet rewarding environment?

Leadership: Are you looking for an opportunity to stand out as a leader? Do you want to have more responsibility in your career?

Impact: Do you want to work somewhere that aligns with your passions and make a difference in your career?

The Problem

We get that you’re a busy professional that doesn’t have the time or resources to seek out new opportunities. We also understand that it’s difficult to get your foot in the door with the right companies. This is why the following job process is broken:

Apply: Submit your resume on job boards which match you based on keywords.

Profiles: Create profiles, which serve as online resumes on job platforms.

Recruiter: Work with recruiters who are limited by the roles they have available.

Wait: Wait for companies to contact you.

The Solution

We don’t operate as a marketplace for employers like recruiting platforms, job boards, or recruiting firms. We shift the balance of power away from companies and put you first!

Relationship-Driven: You’re more than your resume that’s why we build genuine relationships with everyone we rep and never match you with companies using bots or AI technology.

Industry Expertise: Our experience, relationships, industry expertise, and team support make it possible to get you the opportunities you deserve.

Talent Representation: We actively rep you and know how to maximize your value to create game-changing opportunities that are right for you.

Have You Found Your Purpose?

At Gradmor, we believe that when we do what we love, we all benefit! We are stronger when we all live to our fullest potential.

Our Network

Justin Luk

Justin Luk

Strategy Director


Janelle Anne

Janelle Anne

Senior Producer


Ibby Hussain

Ibby Hussain

Account Executive


Shuli Lowy

Shuli Lowy

Account Manager


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