Discover The Financial Power Of Your People Data

Turn your people metrics and analytics into an accelerator of financial growth with People Financial Intelligence.

Make More Confident People Decisions With People Financial Intelligence

Improve People Forecasting Accuracy

Make more accurate forecasts around your people from hiring to retention so you allocate HR resources more efficiently.

Better HR Budget Allocation

Allocate your HR budget more effectively by getting insight into which people areas have the biggest impact on your organization’s financial goals.

Actionable People Financial Insights

From talent to retention, gain people financial insights so you can prioritize what adjustments you need to make for your most critical people functions.

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Get Financial Answers To Your Toughest People Questions

Great organizations are built by great people. Go beyond your current people metrics and analytics to learn how your people decisions impact your financial results.


What talent strategy optimizations help drive revenue growth and improve cost efficiency?


What factors drive better people performance and how does it impact financial results?


How do process and workflow enhancements help make us more cost efficient or grow revenue?


What is the financial value of retaining our best people and the financial implications of turnover?

The People Financial Impact of COVID-19


Learn how COVID-19 is redefining people financial efficiencies for growing teams as shifts are made in our workforce.

See How Organizations Gain A Competitive Advantage With People Financial Intelligence 

A SaaS Company made an additional $1.2 million in ARR by improving SDR enablement.

A manufacturer increased order capacity by 30% with new operational efficiencies.

A staffing agency saved $750k by reducing their recruiting and on-boarding costs.

An eCommerce company grew 20% in one year with customer success productivity enhancements.

A software company added $500k by using our people financial modeling to increase retention.

A production facility made $1 million in revenue by speeding up their hiring fill rates.