Today’s jobs are changing faster than ever before, making it harder for job seekers to get their foot in the door and land opportunities that fit their interests, skills, and career goals. We help job seekers avoid these pitfalls by connecting talented individuals to startups and agencies where they can make a big impact.

For employers, we know how critical, time-consuming, and costly it can be for startups and agencies to make the right hires. Gradmor makes the hiring process easier for companies that do not have big budgets or dedicated HR teams. We are a simple, fast solution with a flat fee that is affordable for any growing company looking to make their next impactful hire.

Our Founders

Avaida Pott and Tyler Marcus have a combined 14 years of experience working at startups and agencies. They’ve managed various departments overseeing digital marketing, media, client management, business development, and product development. As early hires, they’ve grown startup teams from pre-seed stages to over 100 employees. They know how to succeed in certain roles and what makes a stand out hire. Their knowledge and industry experience make them an ideal fit for any startup or agency looking to grow their team with top talent.