Our Mission

Today’s jobs are changing faster than schools or people can, making it hard for students to transition from college to their career. Students don’t know what positions they qualify for, what careers are the right fit, or how to position themselves for today’s roles. This often leads to resumes entering a black hole and graduates that are unable to land jobs.

We help students avoid these pitfalls by providing them career guidance, resources, and the support they need to get recognized by great companies. We work with ambitious students to gauge their interests, assess their abilities, and help them land jobs in account management, digital marketing, and business development.

With our team of industry experts, you can be sure you will receive valuable feedback, stand out to top employers, and get personal referrals for jobs at our partner companies. We are eager to help students like you become the next generation of leaders and can’t wait to help you land a job you’ll love!

Our Founders

Avaida Pott

Avaida has over 7 years experience working with startup clients in a corporate and agency setting as the liaison between client services and marketing teams. She enjoys connecting the next generation of marketers, account managers, and business development professionals to today’s leading companies.

Tyler Marcus

Tyler has over 7 years experience working with and consulting for over 5 startups in the software, media, and education space. He enjoys helping entry and junior level talent grow and has unprecedented experience in managing, hiring, and expanding media and digital marketing teams with top talent.