Gradmor is committed to helping organizations build better businesses using data-driven insights that they did not have access to before. We transform the way business leaders harness the power of data to drive transformational change, accelerate growth and make their businesses more profitable. We accomplish this through The CFA Method, where we use a combination of financial analysis, business strategy and research expertise to help C-suite executives make quicker, better decisions that impact their bottom line.

Think bigger,

better and faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the way business leaders use data analytics in their decision making process. While most overarching business strategies are cross-functional by nature, their data setup does not provide them the capabilities they need to optimize each strategy so each function is operating to its fullest potential. This leads to lost revenue, hidden costs and inefficiencies that can create financial risks in the business. We provide business leaders these capabilities, so they can lead their businesses into a bright future.