Leaders In Financial Intelligence

Gradmor brings financial intelligence to the most critical parts of your organization.

We’re Changing How Businesses Grow With Financial Intelligence 

Our mission is to help companies get the most out of their people, data, and software by tying these areas back to financials that are critical to their success. We strive to help organizations understand the financial impact of their decisions and initiatives so they can drive better financial outcomes that improve their business performance.

Understand How Your Numbers Affect Your Bottom Line

Gradmor brings financial intelligence to teams to drive better business performance. We founded our financial intelligence solutions in 2017 to help business leaders understand the financial value in their data and how it affects their bottom line. In turn they are able to harness the power of financial intelligence to drive transformational change, accelerate growth and build more profitable, scalable businesses.

“Our goal is to make your business more profitable, sustainable and scalable.”