5 Things A Manager Should Never Do

Things you shouldn't do as a manager

There are several mistakes managers make that can derail their success. If you’ve recently been promoted to a management position here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

1. Don’t micromanage.

Micromanagement is one of the number one reasons employees leave their companies. In a recent study, 75% of workers left due to their bosses and a lack of freedom within the workplace. The best leaders have confidence in their team members and let them carry out their responsibilities without suppressing them.

2. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

Everything you say will be remembered by your team, so if you bring up a new deal, bonus, or team outing, you will be held accountable if you do not deliver. If you are not able to deliver on your promise your team and organization will doubt your abilities and lose trust in you.

3. Don’t overlook talent.

If someone is performing well give them recognition and praise. Top performers often leave companies because they feel like their achievements are not being recognized. Your team members are critical to your success, don’t ignore their accomplishments; instead provide them praise, otherwise run the risk of them leaving.

4. Don’t play favorites.

You’re never going to get along with each team member the same but it’s important not to favor one person over another. If you do this it will make others feel unappreciated and undervalued. They might not believe they are an important part of the team and are more likely to find other opportunities elsewhere.

5. Don’t speak badly about other team members.

If a team member shares personal information with you or is underperforming, the worst thing you can do is talk about it to other team members. It reflects poorly on you and can cause a riff between your team. Additionally, others will become suspicious that you might speak badly about them.