5 Things Every New Manager Should Do

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As a new manager, there are critical steps you must do to get things off to a good start. You’re going to have to stand out as someone who is ready for this responsibility and willing to take things to the next level. Below are critical first steps necessary for you to get off on the right foot with your team.

1. Create your vision.

Every great team has a vision for what they want to accomplish. It is critical that you create a vision for your team and make it known to your colleagues and upper management. It will help build belief in you as a leader and give everyone something to strive for starting on Day 1.

2. Develop your execution strategy.

Execution is the engine that moves all things forward so developing a vision without an execution strategy is useless. Make sure you develop a detailed action plan so everyone knows what their part is and what they need to do.

3. Set goals and KPIs for your team.

Without goals and KPIs, it’s impossible for you and your team to see the progress you are making. Track and review weekly and monthly goals regularly. Also be sure to set specific goals for each team member so you can track their performance, hold them accountable and provide constructive feedback.

4. Set up 1-on-1 meetings with each team member.

Knowing each individual on your team including his or her strengths and weaknesses is critical to your success as a manager. Set up 1-on-1 meetings to get to know each team member so you can set expectations and provide constructive feedback.

5. Determine what resources you need to execute your vision.

As a manager, your going to have to determine budgets, hire new team members, and much more. Plan out your needs so you can address them with upper management and have them met sooner rather than later. Also, try to determine potential pitfalls that could hinder these initiatives before its too late.