Analytics For Growing Teams

Increase Revenue. Maximize Profitability. Mitigate Financial Risk.


OUR solutions

Our analytics solutions helps organizations scale their teams more cost effectively. It improves efficiencies, maximizes revenue, uncovers hidden costs and mitigates financial risk.


Hiring, on-boarding and developing sales executives requires financial analysis to ensure revenue goals and positive ROI are achieved.

Customer Success

Building, managing and retaining customer success managers can make or break your customer retention metrics and long-term revenue outcomes.


Growing, training and optimizing operations is critical to streamline efficiencies that improve processes, save costs and increase profitability.

how it works

We go beyond just numbers, graphs and charts. It is a complete solution that turns the data around your people into a driver of financial growth for your organization.


1. Analytics Management

We integrate, clean and update your data as it relates to your specific use case.


2. Financial Analysis

We correlate data, create algorithms and conduct scenario analysis that tie back to your financial goals.


3. Comprehensive Research

We conduct qualitative and qualitative research on both an industry and internal level to provide context around your data.


4. Insights & Reporting

We create web-based reports that include charts, graphs, tables and valuable insights.


5. Strategy Consulting

Our strategy consulting highlights trends, areas of improvement and solutions recommendations based on the data.


6. Solutions Modeling

We use data science, outcome simulations and forecasting models to help you make better financial decisions for new solutions.

Data Analysis

Case Study: Increasing Sales Revenue With Gradmor

Learn how we helped a software company make an additional 20% in revenue with our sales team growth analytics solution.

“Gradmor has helped us leverage the value of our data in ways we did not know was possible. Their ability to analyze data and correlate it to financial outcomes has been a critical component to our success. As an international manufacturing company, they’ve helped us uncover hidden hiring costs and improve performance of our operation’s team leading to a significant increase in order capacity.”

— Craig Herrforth, President, ARC Pacific