Powering Financial Intelligence For Teams

Understand the financial impact of your decisions.

Our Solutions

We tie people, data and software back to financials that are
critical to your business success.


We apply financial analysis to your sales data to help you hit sales quotas, increase conversion rates and grow your ARR.


We connect operations data to financial outcomes to streamline efficiencies, improve processes, save costs and more.


We enhance your customer support with financial insights that ensure better customer satisfaction, retention and upselling opportunities.

We apply financial values to your data to achieve better
visibility, profitability and scalability.

01 Analytics Integration

We link data to financials using our own cross-functional analytics approach.

02 Financial Analysis

We use scenarios, correlations, financial models and algorithms to understand your financial performance.

03 Qualitative Research

Our research provides context around your data to fill in missing gaps to show you a complete picture of your results.

04 Insights & Reporting

Our in-depth reporting includes written analysis, visualizations and financial insights.

05 Strategy Consulting

We analyze patterns and trends to recommend the best strategies for improvement. 

06 Solutions Modeling

We use data science, simulations and financial projections to help you determine the best course of action.

An Introduction To The CFI Method

Learn about the principles, 
use cases and benefits of

the CFI Method.

Case Study: Increasing Sales Revenue With Gradmor

Learn how we help SaaS companies increase revenue by 20% with our financial intelligence sales solutions.

See how we drive better financial outcomes for our customers.

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Gradmor has helped us leverage the value of our data in ways we did not know was possible. Their ability to analyze data and correlate it to financial outcomes has been a critical component to our success. As an international manufacturing company, they’ve helped us uncover hidden costs and improve performance leading to a significant increase in our order capacity.”

— Craig Herrforth, President, PHIR Technologies