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what we do

Developing leaders is critical to every organization’s growth and success. At Gradmor, we train individuals to grow into leadership roles through our proprietary training methods. Our training helps organizations further employee growth, decrease turnover costs, promote from within, efficiently manage teams, and increase employee engagement and productivity. Whether it’s assessing the leadership potential of new employees, supporting new managers, or improving employee performance, our training gives employees the opportunity to grow within your organization.

personal assessments

We provide an in-depth assessment of each individuals leadership abilities so we can see which areas they can improve and tailor a personal plan to help them develop the skills and tools to get them to the next level in their career.

Interactive Training

We believe the best way to train individuals is through interactive questionnaires, tutorials, case studies, and real-life scenarios. Each individual will be provided their own personal training tools that cater to their needs.

1-on-1 Instruction

Each participant will receive 1-on-1 instruction from our leadership team. In-person and/or video sessions will be conducted to give individuals the opportunity to ask questions, review results, and discuss techniques.

ongoing support

We understand that everyone’s responsibilities and concerns change over time; therefore we provide ongoing support so you can get expert advice to help you continue to grow and guide you through any challenges, tough conversations, or critical decisions that may arise.

what We teach

+ Conflict Resolution

+ Presentation Skills

+ Decision Making

+ Time Management

+ Processes

+ Managing Others

+ Communication

+ Delegation

+ Transparency

+ Problem Solving

+ Organization

+ Team Building

*If you would like to focus on only a few areas or want to include additional topics, we are able to provide a custom solution for your team.

by the numbers

Of Organizations Believe They Have A Shortfall In Leadership
Of Organizations Believe They Are Not Effective At Developing Leaders
Of Organizations Do Not Feel Their Employees Can Lead Them Into The Future
Of Individuals Leave Their Job Due To Poor Leadership

Training Leader

Tyler started his first management role at 17 and has since managed various teams at several startups. He’s helped hundreds of individuals develop critical leadership skills, move up to management-level, and succeed as leaders within their organization.

Tyler Marcus


Schedule a call with our leadership team if you have any additional questions.

Our training is intended for individuals looking to improve skills that can help them perform at a higher level and advance into leadership roles.

Yes. We are able to customize training. If there is an area you don’t want to focus on or additional topics you want your team to improve in, we are can create training that fits the specific needs of your organization.

We find that training is best when you onboard a new hire, promote an employee, provide assistance after a performance review or want to support a new manager.

When you complete the training, we’ll provide 2 months of additional support. This includes three 15 minute check-in calls and email support.

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