Why People Financial Intelligence?

From making more accurate people forecasts to optimizing your current people strategies, People Financial Intelligence turns your people metrics and analytics into a financial juggernaut.


Your people data is stuck in a financial abyss.

The biggest and most important investment organizations make is in their people. Although this is the case, most organization just look at simple people metrics like total hires and turnover rate when reporting on their people KPIs. Even if you have some form of people analytics, the majority of the insights you derive from your people data will not be correlated to financials. 

The result? Inaccurate hiring forecasts. Unaccounted costs of turnover. Reactive people management decisions. Incorrect HR budget allocation. Inefficient processes. Misalignment of resources. Blown opportunities to become more cost efficient.


Gradmor combines your people data with financials so you have the insights your need to drive transformational change.

We developed People Financial Intelligence (PFI) to integrate financials with your people data so you can add people financial insights to your people analytics and reporting. The new metrics and analytics helps you align your people functions with financial outcomes at your organization.

The Gradmor Difference

Gradmor’s People Financial Intelligence consulting solves a lot of the major problems that people and financial leaders face when it comes to optimizing their people strategies, making more accurate people forecasts, allocating HR budget and aligning key stakeholders.

People Strategy Financial Optimizations


Every aspect of your people strategy correlates in some way to the financial performance of your organization. Whether its determining what factors drive better performance or whether to invest more heavily into a retention strategy because of the financial implications of turnover, you can eliminate risks and spot opportunities that align with your organization’s financial goals.

Better HR Budgeting Decisions


Allocating your HR budget is challenging because your needs change all the time. With all the different factors that play into an HR budget, it is critical that you figure out how much and where the budget should be going in relation to your financial goals and how you need to make changes in real-time.

More Accurate People Forecasts


Creating accurate people forecasts is difficult and can impact your ability to allocate resources correctly. If you can’t predict when you expect to make a hire or if someone is about to turn over, it is costly if you don’t have a good way to allocate resources around the sudden changes. This allows you to make proactive instead of reactive decisions.

Improves Key Stakeholder Alignment


Because people strategies are cross-functional by nature, it is difficult to get buy-in from all relevant parties on your new intiatives. PFI gives you the finanical evidence and data you need to push your most important people strategies forward and demonstrate to team leaders how changes can improve the success of their department.

Start Getting More Out Of Your People Data With People Financial Intelligence